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The Journey.

This is my story that will accompany your steps. Your compilation failed in navigating the road. However, our failure only learns from failures that succeed, are bitter so as not to happen again. But bigger than their compilation failed people were afraid again because of the mental hit by the hardness of a very hard big rock. The hit rock is in accordance with which definition we have has our predetermined abilities, a larger rock trial with what we already have. So something that we must have must be stronger because we have already gotten hard, but the purpose of the big rock is to help increase our strong mental needs to hold it back. Why are we given something like that? Then why should be mentally attacked? Why? … and why?

Now, I will explain everything about how to get up from adversity or recover, which certainly makes you mentally very chaotic. Look up, if you are given something that is certainly granted. What will you ask? (Answer in heart). During your request, the first said word is ‘Thank you’. And the compilation of your requests was granted right away, and your inner spirit will grow because you have got something you want.

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